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Trademarkia is a premiere Logo Design Service. Trademarkia understands branding, distinctiveness, trademarks, and the interconnection between commerce and your business better than anyone. We can help you design, create, and protect your brand with the highest of quality, refinement, and branding potentials. We are the largest search engine for Logos and Trademarks on the Internet, and our logo design team is World Class. Let Trademarkia's logo team creatively represent your business to the world.

Reasons to Choose Trademarkia

World Class Logo Artists

World Class Logo Artists Trademarkia's team of expert Logo Designers are led by Award Winning artists based at the Trademarkia headquarters in Mountain View, California.

Our team includes a former Art Director at the San Jose Mercury News, the largest daily newspaper in the Silicon Valley, United States. Our team's creative and artistic designs have resulted in 3 Addy Awards for artistic creativity, design, and distinctiveness. In addition, our team includes graduates from the best art institutes in the world such as the Pratt Institute of New York.

Together, Trademarkia's logo design team has experience and training from years of work at some of the largest and most prominent advertising agencies in the world including Oglilvy & Math and Cintara, as well as major U.S. newspapers such as the San Jose Mercury News. Let Trademarkia's expert logo designers create a logo for your small business now. Start for free right now!

3 Easy Steps to Start Your Logo Design

Getting started with your expert designed logo is free and fast. We will lead you online through the process of giving us your business information, selecting a style of logo from our examples, and then choosing a color scheme that appeals to you and your brand. Unlike other design sites, you need only pay after you have gone through our workflow and decided to submit and order.

Experts at Logo Design & Protection

Experts at Logo Design & Protection Besides being a world class logo design agency, more logo trademark applications are handled by licensed U.S. trademark attorneys through Trademarkia than any other site in the world. As a result, the unique logo that will be created for you through Trademarkia will be protectable against infringement by competitors directly through our site.