Standard Utility (non-provisional) Patent Application
What is it?
  • A Utility Patent, can give an inventor protection from others who might want to copy or steal your invention.
  • It can be a valuable property for an inventor or a company to have, and can generate revenue from sales or licensing fees.
  • Get your utility patent application prepared and filed by a LegalForce U.S. Registered Patent Attorney/Agent.

$4799* to $8500 + government fee

* The $4799 package is more appropriate for mechanical inventions (please schedule a free consultation with our patent attorneys/agents to figure out what is right for you)

I am the inventor or legally represent the inventor for this application.

Start for Free
  • Describe Your idea in writing

  • Upload Your figures

  • Submit Your utility patent application will be professionally prepared and submitted to the USPTO.

We Make It Easy
What You Do:
  • Describe invention in your own words.
  • Upload figures. (These can be hand drawn).
  • Schedule a phone call with a licensed patent professional who will handle your filing.
What You Get:
  • A one-hour invention consultation and disclosure call with a licensed patent professional.
  • Professionally drafted claims (6 total claims, up to 3 independent claims).
  • Professionally prepared application (up to 10 pages of specifications).
  • Professional figures to illustrate your invention (up to 6).
  • Expert USPTO-registered attorney or agent - prepare and file your patent application.
Questions? Call LegalForce
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  • 650-390-6400 (U.S. Local/International)
  • 650-989-2131 (Fax)

Utility Patent Packages

  • Electronic filing of your utility patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office

  • Get patent pending status upon filing

  • Consultation and disclosure calls with a licensed patent attorney/agent

  • Professional preparation of your patent application

  • Professional figures to illustrate your invention

  • Professionally drafted patent claims

Standard Package

  • $4799

    + Govt. fee

  • .
  • .
  • One Hour Disclosure and Consultation Call
  • Up to 15 Pages of Disclosure
  • Up to Six (6) Figures
  • Six (6) Total Claims and Up To Three (3) Independent Claims

Gold Package

  • $8500

    + Govt. fee

  • .
  • .
  • Three Hour Disclosure and Unlimited Consultation Calls
  • Up to 30 Pages of Disclosure
  • Up to Twelve (12) Figures
  • Twenty (20) Total Claims and Three (3) Independent Claims